Best Diets When You Have Diabetes

Who says people with diabetes cannot eat all foods? So what if they have diabetes, its diabetes not death. They can eat whatever they want but it has to be just healthy.

Benefits Of Walking Each Day

Walking each day an hour has many benefits. First of all, it burns calories and you quite a lot of weight. But, who knew that there would be so much more to it than just that.

Shocking Truth About Fizzy Drinks and Medicine

Fizzy Drinks and Medicine bad for your body health it has a certain temperature and requirements. It also has different acidic levels to help the functioning of that particular organ.

Heart Disease And Their Symptoms

Heart Disease And Their Symptoms are much likely to be found in countries that have a pollution problem mostly in developing countries but can be found in developed countries like China also.
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Mental Help Needs Recognition

Health in Pakistan is associated with you experiencing pain in a part of your body. Being diagnosed with a disease that will kill you eventually.

Men, Emotions and their Social Status – Mental Health

“Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota” is the most popularly heard dialogue since Amitabh Bachan made being a horse cart driver cool. The most masculine thing to do in the world is hiding your feelings. Men are not supposed to show any moment of weakness.

Who Will Marry Her? – Mental Health

Marriages are made in heaven but who is “eligible” and who is “tainted” is decided by the aunties sitting in our drawing rooms while munching on a samosa

Are Our Hearts Healthy Enough?

We Pakistanis contribute to around 2.63% of the world population with a population of over two hundred million (Worldmeters.info).

Heart And Its Health Problems

The simple answer to what is the heart’s function is that it pumps blood. Then why is it given so much importance? Well, blood is the main part of our body that helps us heart function.

Ways To Prevent A Heart Attack

It’s important to make decisions from your heart than your brain, but now it’s time to make decisions for your heart health.